Project Description

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Open up to a new era of design using computational tools to rewire how you make, iterate and create. Learn how to translate complex geometries into viable forms. Test your designs in real-time, iterate and evaluate them using computational tools.

A fusion between software skills and hands-on making, this workshop will help you to bring your ideas into the real world using computational tools and digital fabrication techniques –– resin based 3D SLA printers for rapid prototyping.

This 2-day workshop introduces Furniture designers, visual artists, fabricators, digital fabricators, makers,Architects, Designers, Artists and Students to a design skillset that is as essential as it is experimental. Designers can now script algorithms that enable the expression of parameters and rules that together define, encode and clarify the relationship between design intent and design response.

The workshop focuses on Visual Programming platforms Rhino and Grasshopper (Rhino plugin for Algorithmic modelling). Modelling Geometries, translating with parameters, fabricating the designed geometry using Digital Fabrication procedures.

Get making with the new wave of computation based design.

Day 1
*Introduction to Computational/Parametric/Algorithmic Design.
· Emergence, trends and Socio-Cultural impact
*History of NURBS and MESHES.
CAD Modelling and Sculpting tools (Pros and cons)
*File formats of CAD Modelling tools
Digital Fabrication lazer,3Dprinting, Hydrojet
*Kickstart with Rhino and Grasshopper.
Intro to the user interface of Rhino and Grasshopper.

Day 2
* Basic Algorithmic Concepts and Data Structures.
*One-on-one mentoring for design and modelling.
preparing necessary files formats for presentations and fabrication.
*Fabrication of designs (Exploration and understanding of digital fabrication)
· Participant Presentations

Shridhar Mamidalaa
Artist, Architect, Computational Designer and Entrepreneur

A practicing Architect and Engineer with over a decade of experience, he is currently researching and combining fields such as Computational art, design, Fabrication, Vedic Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Synthetic Biology. Shridhar is also working on a couple of books. Being a designer with a wide variety of skillsets and knowledge he has gained over years is translating ideas into products across various disciplines, also own his own Furniture and Jewellery brand (upcoming).He persists to emerge as one of the top computational designers globally.

*Laptops with mouse
*Software of Rhino and Grasshopper. If not U can find 90 day Trial versions of them their respective websites.
Installation of Software. (Links will be sent upon registration)
*Stationary needed for sketching out ideas, calculations and notes.