Project Description


TimeBlur Studio will work closely with participants with an Engineering and/or Design background and train them on the skills that are required for a creative world in Interactive and Reactive Design. TimeBlur Studio has step forward to bridge the huge gap lying between the creative and engineering skills, with the help of training modules in Creative coding and Physical Computing, Application based examples and Inspirational content.

Module: Motion Tracking with Kinect

This module is at an elementary level, but a fun and exciting way to get participants geared up for creative coding. This module involves a bit of creative coding, a bit of physical computing and a lot of creativity.

This is a one day workshop, which starts with connecting the Kinect with a computer, calibration and understanding of depth image. It continues to show a skeletal model and ways in which the skeleton can creatively be tweaked to give diverse expressions or forms. Its a DIY workshop, where we let the participants iterate, experiment and engage with their imagination through the course.

– Each participant is required to carry their own computer.
– Required softwares will be shared.
– Lunch will not be provided, however, we will direct you to the closest restaurants.

– We would like to start with the basic level first and then progress to the more advanced level
– The sessions are held for bringing awareness in technology and to the masses, therefore we would like minimum of 15 students in strength to maximum of 60 students.
– The sessions will be taught in English
– A prior knowledge of Programming and Computing should be known to the attendees.
– The workshop details will have information on the things the students need to bring along. A computer is a must and the necessary software to be installed prior to the workshop.
– Any content generated at the workshop will be shared on our Website, participants shouldn’t have any problem with that. The code written by participants will be licensed under Creative Commons.