Project Description

It’s all things Genuino/Arduino this April 2nd, 2016! Join us @ Think Happy Everyday – Workshop for an exciting *bash* to celebrate the State of Physical Computing with the world’s most popular open source microcontroller platform: ARDUINO!!!!

We will have a multi-selection of DIY Electronics, Robotics, Digital Fabrication and a special SOUND and LIGHT SCULPTURE building exercise for this special day!

The Agenda includes:
– How to get started with Arduino and DIY Electronics
– SPECIAL: Hands-on WORKSHOP on using LEDs with Sensors, Speakers, Arduino/Genuino to create a mega-group-installation! Participants will work on coding their own bunch of LEDs along with “music-producing” electronics which will be integrated with other experiments to form a GIANT THEREMIN group installation by the end of the day.

– “The History of Interactive Computing” by Arnab Chakravarty, Senior Researcher at Phillips Innovation Centre, Bangalore
– “How Arduino is being used in 3D Printer Machine Design” by Abhay Swamy, Co-Founder of the The Axiz 3D Printers
– “Arduino/Genuino as the stepping stone to producing high quality Internet of Things (IoT) prototypes” by Adithya Venkatesh, IoT Expert and Consultant

– Show and Tell by participants and mentors on various applications of Arduino/Genuino
– Automated Gardening: How Arduino/Genuino can be used in Agriculture
– Case studies of Arduino/Genuino on the field of Open Source Robotics

So do join us as we blink, fade, strobe, flash, modulate, transit, signal and other fun things with Arduino!!

Cost per person to particitpate in Genuino Day 2016:
Student – Under 18 – INR 500/- per head
Adult – Above 18 – INR 750/- per head


– PLEASE BRING A LAPTOP so that you can power/code for your Arduino project! There will be a shortage of available machines and if you wish to get the full benefit of a workshop like this, a good idea is to come prepared with your own machine 🙂 Any Windows, Mac or Linux machine will do.
– Participants are encouraged to bring any or all of their electronics, Arduino boards, and past projects to share in the Show and Tell portion of the event.
– New Electronics Components will be available to purchase at the event directly from Bangalore Makespace and Open Source Creativity
– Please wear closed-toe shoes (no chappals or sandals) so that we can ensure your maximum safety at our space!
– Any questions, please post them on this event page under the “Discussion” tab!