Project Description

Join us this coming Saturday 29th August for some good ‘ole DIY Electronics! Bangalore Makespace and Open Source Creativity has partnered with Think Happy Everyday – Workshop to offer hackers and makers all over Bangalore access to an exclusive MAKERSPACE environment complete with Electronics, Hardware, 3D Printing, Power Tools, Woodworking and so much more 🙂

We’ll have Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, Beaglebone Blacks and many more microcontroller/microprocessor platforms along with a full library of electronic components for everyone to use. Members of the BLR Makespace community will be volunteering their time to get beginners of Electronics up and going with new DIY projects; in addition to giving hands-on “How to Solder” lessons as well as an introduction to open source hardware.

Do feel free to bring your own kits + components as well! Look forward to seeing all of you this coming weekend 🙂

1) We will be charging an entry fee of 300 INR per person to participate at this hack day
2) We invite people to BRING THEIR OWN DIY ELECTRONICS/BOARDS/EQUIPMENT as well as their laptops to take any or all prototypes forward
3) This is a “No Consumption, Only Participation” event where individuals are expected to “explore” the World of Making in a collaborative and creative environment. We are not a training provider, nor an institute which attempts to spoon-feed knowledge to beginners or experts alike. What you Get is What you Bring to the table =)
4) We aim to provide a safe, meaningful and rewarding experience to all our “co-creators” helping to take our maker movement forward. Please come prepared to share and care!