Designuru : Rest and Recreate

In today’s hyperconnected world the lines between the virtual and real are blurred. What does rest and relaxation mean to a generation that is bombarded with 3D, VR and a digital exponential ? Where does rest end and recreation begin? THE sKEw is a kinesthetic experience: a metaphor for the digital evolution, the metallic old with the neon new, the pixelated digital with the distorted real. Rest. Recreation. Perspectives.


Juxtaposing the 2D graphics of our pixilated past with a 3 Dimensional space THE sKEw ‘highlights’ the transitions between the 2D and 3D visual spectrum –– creating an illusion of rest and an interesting piece of upcycled furniture to intsa-tweet 🙂

With a metal framework and saris as a visual graphic element THE sKEw places two pieces of furniture, a chair and a table along the footpath of St. Marks road.

While this may look like disjointed and strange, at the right angle (perspective)In a fast paced world, this installation offers people a pause. While they perceive this skewed set-up from the right perspective, it comes together as one unified piece.