THE Workshop is a cross-disciplinary design research initiative where designers, innovators, makers, and the curious can explore and pursue their interest in the made world, develop personal projects, conduct academic research and start collaborative projects.

A space for you to make and do

Create your own contraptions. Invent, explore and break down stuff . Make memories. Make happy.

You can use THE Workshop to build out your ideas, whatever they may be. We have a roster of collaborators who can help you. You can also use this as a space to create and run your own event, pursue your own agenda to make and do stuff that matters.

THE Workshop aims to collaborate with academics from world leading universities, cutting-edge industry experts, innovative thinkers, makers and doers,  to develop and sustain a cross-disciplinary design community built from the ground up. Mentors from across the world will run a variety of workshops, research modules and host open discussions.


THE Workshop is equipped with the right tools to help you better understand and manipulate the made world. This is where you unleash your creativity.



Why live in a world where you have to make do with things, when you can MAKE and DO things.